Betting Pick and Prediction: Atlanta Braves vs Miami Marlins

Posted on Sep,16th 2019 by Tickercom,Inc

Atlanta Braves

The Braves on the road have played well this season. Atlanta has been lethal on the road with 35 wins and only 23 losses. The latest series against Twins, Nationals and Phillies are evidence of how good the Braves are playing this season. Atlanta remains in the fight for the Wild Card with 67-48 being the second best in the East Division in the National League. Everything has been possible thanks to players like Ronald Acuna Jr with 92 runs and 137 hits this season, and Freedie Freeman with 135 hits in 114 games. Two of the best elements of the Braves this season. The record in the last 10 games on the road is neither negative nor positive, the Braves are 5-5. This is the third series against the Marlins this season on the road. The first two series were victories for the Braves (3-0 and 2-1). In the last series the Braves won the second game 1-0 with Julio Teheran as a starter. Julio Teheran season is negative so far. 6-7 in 24 games as starter. Teheran has not finished a season with positive numbers since 2015 (11-8). Teheran's last game on the road was an 11-8 victory against the Nationals in the second game of the series. The last series against Miami was in June, the Braves won 3-0. The team allowed only 7 runs in all three games. The defense allows up to 3.83 against the Marlins on the road. The offense has an average of 4.85 runs and 9.20 hits overall on the road against the Marlins.

Miami Marlins

This season has been negative for the Marlins at home. 22 wins and 35 losses. But with one exception, since June 28 the Marlins are playing better. 16 games since that date, 9 wins and 7 losses. Miami is no longer hopeful of reaching the post season. But the Marlins can hurt the other teams in the division. 6-4 in the last 10 games at home. The last series against a home division rival was against the Phillies 2-1. Before that series the team had lost another division duel against the Nationals 0-3 at home. The record is 3-6 in the series against rivals of the same division in the NL. Caleb Smith for the second game of the series. 7-5 in 18 games as starter. Last season was negative for him with 5-6. This season his numbers are better 3.35 ERA, 1.049 WHIP. The last victory for Smith was against the Diamondbacks 11-6.

Atlanta Braves RL

The confidence I have for the Braves this season is over any other team in the National League. The Braves continue to show that they are the second best option in the NL and they will not let anything or anyone stop them. This second game is another one easier for them.

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